Despite losing billions in the past years, Syria’s transport sector can still rely on its infrastructure that is mostly functioning.
The Ministry of Transport is preparing a draft law for the establishment of a state-owned airport operator.
According to a statement by the U.S. Department of Justice, three U.S.-based residents pleaded guilty on charges of exporting aviation parts to Syria despite sanctions.
The Syrian government has updated its estimate for the loss incurred by its railway network, one of the largest in the Middle East.
Fly Damas, one of two private airlines in Syria, has launched the country’s first cargo plane a few days before the beginning of the 59th edition of the Damascus trade fair.
Syrianair plans to resume the operations of an additional aircraft in the coming months, the Minister of Transport said.
Traffic at Syria’s two commercial ports of Lattakia and Tartous in the first half of this year increased compared with the same period of 2016, official data indicate.
Traffic at Syrian airports declined by more than three quarters since 2011 although it somewhat stabilized in the past two years, official data show.
Starting June 21, Cham Wings will fly to Erevan connecting Armenian Syrians in the two countries.
The U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State has destroyed dozens of bridges as Syria’s transport infrastructure has been largely affected by the war, Ali Hammoud, the Minister of Transport said.
Fly Damas has announced that it will start a weekly route to Suleimanieh in Iraq.
Syrianair has started operating a new aircraft and withdrawn another, while the U.S. Department of Justice has indicted several individuals for selling aircraft parts to it.
Syrian Arab Airlines, the national air carrier also known as Syrianair, will see its status change as the government seeks to accommodate more private companies.
Western airlines are planning a resumption of flights to and through Syria, the Minister of Transport has said, although the prospects of this happening any time soon appear remote.
Syrianair is adding a fourth aircraft to its fleet, a 16-year old Airbus A340.


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