Syria and Jordan are currently carrying out negotiations to modernise and enhance the railway track linking their two capital cities, said Al Sharq al Awsat.
Syrian Airlines has incurred losses of around US$ 6 million since the September 11 attacks in the United States, reported Al Thawra.
Syria and Saudi Arabia signed a deal Sunday to streamline passenger and goods transport between both countries, said Zawya.
The Iraqi General Railway Company announced the beginning of the construction of the railway link between Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, reported Al Sharq al Awsat.
The Iraqi Transport and Communications Ministry is getting ready to open a liaison office in the Syrian port of Tartus, reported Al Sharq al Awsat.
A new joint Syrian-Lebanese airline carrier is to be set up, reported Al Hayat. The CEO of Syrian Arab Airlines (Syrianair), Mr Adnan Shouja' declared that this new company will be held jointly by the two state companies as well as private investors.


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