Damascus will have to wait before it can have its first innercity transport network after the Syrian government rejected the monorail project put forward by Malaysia’s Mtrans.
The port of Tartous is expected to handle 11.7 million tons for the whole of 2005, from 9.8 million tons last year, according to the Minister of Transport Makram Obeid. In the first nine months of this year total volume handled had already reached 9.7 ...
Syrianair occupancy rate went up to 95 percent for the first nine months of the year 2005, according to Director General Nashaat Numeir.
Syrian Arab Airlines is planning to rent planes in order to increase capacity and meet increasing demand, according to the Director General of the company, Nashaat Numayr.
The Syrian government issued for the first time a license to an air transport company fully owned by the private sector to operate in Syria.
The total lengths of motorways in Syria should double to a total of 2,300 kms at the end of the coming 5-year plan from 1,100 kms at the moment, according to Makram Obeid Minister of Transport.
The Hijaz Railways Corporation (HRC), one of the two operators of the Syrian Railways network, has awarded a contract to Lebanon’s Rock Wall Company (RWC) for the building of a dual lane electric rail link between Damascus International Airport a...
The 2004 income of Tartous port stood at SYP 2.585bn (USD 48.7m) in 2004, according to Zaki Nagib, DG of the Tartous Port Company.
Airbus is the only company to have put forward an offer for the supply of seven aircrafts to Syrian Arab Airlines, the national air carrier, according to Makram Obeid, Minister of Transport.
A monorail track will run through the Syrian capital within two years, according to the Syrian minister of transport, Makram Obeid, after the government approved a Malaysian project in that sense.
The Air Taxi project has been finally licensed by the Investment Higher Council (IHC). The Air Taxi will operate as a shuttle airliner between Damascus, Lebanon and several regional cities.
In a move to promote tourism to Syria, the economic committee in the Cabinet has approved exempting both Arabic and foreign charter flights to Syria from paying airport charges for use of runways and for ground services.
The Syrian Railways Corporation (SRC) has ordered 10 new train sets from Korea’s ROTEM, according to Abdel Monem al-Bam its director-general.
Lattakia Port Company (LPC) handled 5.5m tonnes of goods last year, an increase of 688,000 tonnes from 2003, and made revenues of SYP 1.653 billion, Minister of Transport Makram Obeid has announced.
Menajet, a low-cost air carrier has launched twice-weekly flights from Beirut to Aleppo.


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