The government has announced plans to attract private investments to build two new airports, a project that seems totally unrealistic and disconnected from the needs of the Syrian economy.
An Egyptian company owned by Syrian investors has applied for a license to operate a ride-hailing service similar to Uber in Syria, just a day after the government allowed this type of services.
According to the head of the Syrian Civil Aviation Authority, only three international civilian airlines currently fly over Syrian territory.
The General Establishment of Public Transportation, which manages public transport bus services in Syria’s four largest cities, has provided a partial estimate of its losses from the conflict.
The Syrian parliament has ratified the contract granting a 49-year concession to a Russian company to manage the Tartous Port.
A new Syrian airline is seeking to lease three aircraft from Jordan as it plans to start its operations, a local media has said.
The decision by Iraqi Airways to reverse a decision to resume flights to Damascus highlights the obstacles to normalization with the Syrian authorities.
After taking control of the phosphate mines and the port of Tartous, Russia is now eyeing the Damascus International Airport.
The Syrian minister of transport has given more details on the Tartous deal with Russia, partly to deflect strong criticism coming from loyalists.
The Ministry of Transport has said that it has accepted a request from Qatari authorities to allow Qatar Airways to fly over Syrian territory again.
Syria is set to handover to Russia the commercial port of Tartous, another major economic asset Damascus is giving away.
The Ministry of Transport has cancelled exemptions that benefitted Saudi and Emirati trucks crossing Syria, dealing an additional blow to efforts aimed at restoring ties with the Gulf.
The Lattakia Airport is planning to launch again commercial flights after a suspension of six months.
The Syrian government is planning to hand over the container terminal of the Lattakia Port to Iran, The Syria Report has learned.
Rostec, one of the largest Russian conglomerates, has said that it was looking for opportunities in the Syrian market.


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