Retail & Trade

The Syrian government has extended the list of imported products to reduce smuggling and meeting local demand.
The governor of the Gaziantep province has announced a new measure to encourage trade relations with northern Syria.
A Jordanian business delegation will be visiting Damascus soon to look for business opportunities and push for the reopening of the border between the two countries.
Formal trade between Syria and Lebanon last year increased for the first time since 2013.
The Syrian opposition is planning to open three new crossings in its northern Aleppo enclave to help boost trade with nearby regions.
Syria has reopened the Joussieh border crossing with Lebanon, the last that was still closed between the two countries.
The Syrian opposition has opened a new crossing with Iraq near the border with Jordan, enabling the flow of goods between the two sides of the border, the first such position currently under the control of the Syrian opposition.
A Syrian investor is playing a key role in one of the largest merger and acquisition deals in the MENA region.
The government has merged three retail trading state entities in a bid to streamline operations and reduce costs.
In the next few weeks Syria will open a trade centre in a remote town in the Caucasus with the unlikely objective of boosting exports to Russia.
Syrian exports were at a record low last year, data indicate.
A Jordanian official has said that his government would consider an opening of a new border crossing with Syria, potentially enabling a resumption of trade ties between the two countries.
Business activity in Syria’s free trade zones continues to decline, potentially indicating a broader contraction of the Syrian economy.
Damasquino Mall, one of the largest commercial centres in Damascus, reopened its doors last week, a year after its closure.
The Syrian Exporters Federation has opened a business centre in Tehran to promote Syrian products in the Iranian market.


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