The United States has issued a travel warning for Syria advising its citizens to defer non-essential travel and those living in the country to consider departing.
The relative competitiveness of Syria’s tourism sector fell sharply in 2010 according to a global survey conducted by the World Economic Forum. According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2011, released lately by the WEF, Syria rankled 105th worldwide in terms of the competitiveness of its tourism sector down 20 ranks from only two years ago when it ranked 85th. 139 countries were surveyed this year.
Cham Hotels, the country’s largest hotel management chain, announced a slight increase in its 2010 profits to SYP 527 million, or USD 11 million, in spite of ongoing disputes with the Ministry of Tourism.
The Syrian Ministry of Tourism is seeking investors to develop and manage a 4-star hotel property located in Central Damascus.
Amer Group, the company operating the Porto Tartous hospitality resort, will start selling units at the project this week, according to Reuters.
The number of tourists that entered Syria in 2010 stood at 8.5 million, a year-on-year increase of 40 percent, while tourist revenues rose 60 percent, confirming that the country’s tourism sector was finally getting closer to its potential.
The Ministry of Tourism is seeking consultants to conduct an integrated study for the development of the Island of Arwad, off Tartous.
Bena Properties has signed a syndicated loan agreement of USD 77 million to finance works at the Yasmeen Rotana Hotel in Damascus.
Depa has won the contract for the fit-out and loose furnishings of the Yasmeen Rotana Hotel in Damascus, the first contract the UAE-based company earns in Syria.
Porto Village Hotel, a hotel located in the Porto Tartous Development, previously known as Antaradus, will open its doors next month, according to Wahoud Group, the company developing the project.
Two new hotels have begun operations in Aleppo and were inaugurated on November 11 by the Prime Minister, Naji Otri.
Jumeirah, a UAE based group, will manage the 5-star hotel that will be part of Abraj Souria, a development by Souria Holding in the Baramkeh district of Damascus.
Tofarco, a Cypriot developer, has been selected by the Syrian Government to develop a pilot zone in the Snobar project, one of the largest real estate developments in the country.
Saco, a Saudi company specialized in the distribution of building materials, has signed a contract, for the development of a hotel in the Hijaz area of Damascus.
The number of tourists that entered Syria in the first nine months of 2010 stood at 6.6 million, a year-on-year increase of 46 percent, according to the Ministry of Tourism.


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