Some 90 percent of Syria’s travel agents have stopped operating since the beginning of the uprising, according to a report.
The management of the Semiramis Hotel, a prime 4-star property in Central Damascus, has finally been awarded to a local company.
The owner of the Semiramis Hotel will tender for the third time the contract to manage the property after it failed to attract its target price.
Syrian nationals accounted for almost a quarter of hotel nights spent in Lebanon last year, contributing significantly to the health of that country’s hospitality industry, a report shows.
Updated January 16, 2015: Jupiter Investments, a company affiliated to the Hamsho Group, is seeking to obtain a license to invest in a large coastal resort off the city of Tartous.
More than 80 percent of hotels located in Homs are out of service, according to a Government official.
The Ministry of Tourism is organising on May a conference to attract local investors interested in small and medium-sized projects.
The Syrian government plans to retender the contract for the management of a prime four-star hotel in central Damascus after a previous tender failed to generate competitive offers.
The direct losses incurred by the tourism sector in the city of Aleppo alone amount to USD 500 million, according to an industry analyst.
A bomb planted last week under the Carlton Aleppo Hotel, which had opened its doors only a few months before the beginning of the uprising, destroyed parts of the property and killed several soldiers.
The Syrian government has awarded to private investors a 25-year contract for the management of a prime four-star hotel in central Damascus.
Two new hospitality resorts are being established in Tartous and Lattakia, as the coastal area remains the only part of Syria to witness some form of limited investment.
The Ministry of Tourism is reporting that only three investors have put forward bids to develop three different sites it is offering for investment in Damascus and Tartous.
The government is doubling the exit fee for Syrians departing their country.
According to the Syrian ministry of tourism, close to 400 hotels across the country are out of service.


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