Displaced Syrians and local tourists contributed to high occupancy rates in hotels on the Syrian coast, according to an industry executive.
Syrians are now the largest investors in Jordan’s restaurant sector, according to an industry analyst.
Holders of Syrian passports can travel to 48 countries visa-free, according to a IATA database.
A Syrian state media has reported that the Ministry of Tourism has awarded a license for the construction of a small 4-star hotel located in the Mazzeh district of Damascus.
The Syrian Tourism Company, a state-owned company established last year, has signed management contracts for two resorts in Tartous.
Hundreds of historical sites in Syria have been damaged during the conflict, according to a Government official, a fifth of which are in Aleppo.
Cham Palaces and Hotels, a large chain of upscale hotels across Syria, reported an increase in revenues in 2014 after years of falling occupancy rates.
A Syrian official has announced that the contract of a Qatari company to develop an upscale hospitality project on the Syrian coast is being terminated.
Occupancy rates in hotels in the coastal area were high during the summer season and in September according to the Chairman of Syria’s Federation of Chambers of Tourism.
A new amusement and entertainment centre located in a Damascus suburb has recently opened its doors.
A Russian company is planning to expand its investment in the tourism sector in Syria’s coastal area.
Some 90 percent of Syria’s travel agents have stopped operating since the beginning of the uprising, according to a report.
The management of the Semiramis Hotel, a prime 4-star property in Central Damascus, has finally been awarded to a local company.
The owner of the Semiramis Hotel will tender for the third time the contract to manage the property after it failed to attract its target price.
Syrian nationals accounted for almost a quarter of hotel nights spent in Lebanon last year, contributing significantly to the health of that country’s hospitality industry, a report shows.