The project is an investment from the Saudi Binladin group and symbolizes the rising interest of Gulf investors in the Syrian tourism industry.
The Minister of Tourism, Saadallah Agha al-Qall'a has announced that his ministry is planning to open regional tourism offices abroad.
Arrivals of tourists and visitors to Syria have continued to rise in the first quarter of this year according to the Syrian ministry of tourism.
Osman al-Aidi, owner of the luxury Cham Hotels chain in Syria as well as of a number of luxury hotels and resorts in France has signed a management contract with Hong-Kong-based Mandarin Oriental Hotel group.
The Cham Hotels chain has opened its first deluxe hotel outside Syria.
According to Osman al-Aïdi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cham Hotels, the largest hotel chain in Syria and one of the largest in the Middle East, the Syrian PM, Naji al-Otri has "asked" him to list the company in an internationa...
The Dubai-based Rotana hotel chain is planning to open its first hotel in Syria.
For the second year in a row, Syria's tourist arrivals figure has crossed the 2-million mark.
The project will be the largest tourism resort on the Syrian coast. The total number of beds will be 5,000 on completion.
Syria was elected Chairman of the Middle East Committee of the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) for the coming two years, during the WTO's 15th General Assembly meeting held in October in China.
Syria has witnessed a drop of 18 percent in the arrival of tourists in the country in the first half of this year.
The Attar Group (AG) is planning to open a new Four-star hotel in Aleppo.
Decree N°29 provides debt rescheduling to hotels and restaurants. Thousands of additional hotel beds and restaurant seats are expected to be available in the market as a result.
According to preliminary figures from the Ministry of Tourism, the number of tourist arrivals crossed the 4 million mark last year, the first time ever, to reach a total of 4.3 million.
According to press reports from the Gulf, a number of new investors are entering into the capital of the Damascus Four Seasons Hotel.


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