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Syriatel and MTN-Syria posted 2-digit growth in their net revenues and after tax profits in 2010, according to their preliminary financial statements.
Syria allowed last week unrestricted access to Facebook and You Tube, although dozens of websites, including Amazon and the Arabic edition of Wikipedia, remain blocked.
The Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, has nominated the seven board members of the newly established Telecoms Supervisory Authority.
The auction for a third mobile phone license in Syria will begin with a starting bid of EUR 90 million, according to Mohammad Al-Jallali, Deputy Minister of Telecommunications.
The revenues of the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment reached SYP 75 billion last year, according to Nazem Bahsas, the company’s director-general.
The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment has joined six other regional operators to build a 7,750 kilometre regional data cable network that will expand significantly access to Internet in the region.
Five out of the six companies that put forward a bid to prequalify for Syria’s third mobile phone network have been shortlisted with Iran’s Toseye Eatemad Mobin being the only contender to have been excluded from the process.
Syria has the second highest rates for text messages in the Arab World, according a recent survey publish by Arab Advisors, a regional consultancy.
Six companies have prequalified for the award of Syria’s third mobile phone license, according to the State’s news agency.
The revenues of Syria’s two mobile operators rose by around 10 percent on a year-on-year basis at the end of September.  
A new centre specialised in the wholesale trade of mobile phones and accessories is under construction in the area of Qaboun, a district of Damascus.
Syria’s Ministry of Communication and Technology has issued a prequalification call for a third mobile network license.
The revenues of the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment reached SYP 35.65 billion in the first half of 2010, according to Nazem Bahsas, the General Manager of the company.
Syriatel and MTN-Syria, Syria’s two mobile phone operators, will pay SYP 25 billion each for the right to convert their existing BOT contracts with the Syrian state into 20-year licenses, according to Imad Sabbouni, the Minister of Communication ...
Syria’s mobile phone industry, the country’s most lucrative business sector, is to be overhauled as the Government announces the launch of a bidding round for a third operator as well as the sale of a license to the existing two operators.


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