Telecoms & IT

A law regulating electronic trade and transactions in Syria was enacted last week.
The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment has provided an update on the number of subscribers to the various phone and internet networks in Syria.
MTN Syria posted minor changes in its revenues and profits last year, according to its preliminary filings, although in real terms the decline is steep.
The Syrian Electronic Army hacked two Microsoft-related Twitter accounts in less than two weeks.
Syriatel Telecom posted stable revenues in the first nine months of this year as profits, excluding unrealized foreign exchange gains, fell 40 percent.
On Monday evening, Syria was gradually restoring its internet and phone networks after several hours of outages.
The war in Syria has damaged the country’s telecoms infrastructure to a large extent, the Minister of Telecommunication said.
A relatively good third quarter has enabled MTN-Syria to limit the decline in its revenues for the first nine months of this year.
A fire at a warehouse of the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment has led to damages worth some 15 billion pounds, according to a company executive.
Hundreds of thousands of phone lines are out of service according to the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment.
The revenues of Syria’s two mobile phone operators, Syriatel and MTN-Syria, declined in the first half of this year.
The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment has announced an increase in international land line calls.
The number of mobile phone subscribers fell last year for the first time since the introduction of mobile phones in Syria, according to recent data.
Cyprus announced last week that the citizenship it had granted to Rami Makhlouf in 2011 had been definitively revoked.
Rami Makhlouf was re-elected as chairman of the board of Syriatel during the company’s general assembly held last week.


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