Telecoms & IT

Syria's Minister of telecommunications said that within two weeks, 20,000 new internet lines will be open for subscription, with the 200,000 additional lines confirmed as end of the year target.
Syria's two mobile phone operators indicated that they have stopped selling new lines pending the development of their network coverage across the country.
To spread Internet usage, the Syrian government is expected to finalise the establishment of its digital telecom infrastructure in August.
A mere 0.3 percent of Syria's population is connected to the World Wide Web, to compare with a 4.5% rate in Jordan, 8% in Lebanon and 24% in the Gulf area.
Formal agreements to transfer technology know-how and training by Dubai Internet City (DIC) to IT-related initiatives in Syria and Jordan are being planned, according to a top DIC official.
The Syrian telecommunication establishment (STE) expects its total turnover to reach SYP22.7 billion (USD 454 million) in 2002.
Mohammed Maarouf, the head of the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment said that over 200,000 additional subscribers should be connected by next year, reported Al-Quds.
Spacetel Syria, the GSM 900 network operator in Syria, has announced the launch of International Roaming Service starting from October 4th, 2001.


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