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The revenues of Syria’s two mobile phone companies surged last year helped by a hike in communication rates imposed by the government.
The Syrian Telecommunications Establishment has announced a sharp increase in broadband subscription rates to meet rising costs.
Syriatel has appointed two new directors to its board as it prepares to list in the Damascus Securities Exchange.
The revenues of the Syrian Telecommunications Company, a rare state entity that is profitable, remained stable last year.
The Syrian government has signed a contract with a Russian entity to build what it called an electronic government.
An Iranian company, in partnership with a leading regime crony, is expected to win the license to operate a mobile phone network in Syria.
MTN-Syria has announced an increase in its quarterly revenues and a decrease of the licence fees it pays to the government.
Despite the massive destruction of the economy, Syriatel and MTN, the country’s two mobile phone operators, continue to generate significant revenues and profits.
The Islamic State is restricting further the access to Internet in areas under its control, targeting in particular women.
The U.S. Department of Commerce is launching a probe against Huawei Technologies for its dealings with Syria and other countries under sanctions.
Mobile phone rates have been increased significantly by the Ministry of Telecommunications, a measure that will help increase profits at Syriatel and MTN-Syria.
The after tax profits of MTN-Syria surged in the first quarter of this year on the back of the discounted fee the mobile phone operators now pay to the Government.
The subscriber base and revenues of the Syrian Telecommunications Company, previously one of the most profitable state entities, has shrunk significantly.
Syriatel’s share of Syria’s mobile phone market increased in 2015, according to the latest data available.
Updated on June 07, 2016: The number of subscribers to Syria’s broadband internet network increased again last year, according to the state monopoly.


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