Real Estate & Construction

Al-Badia Cement, one of Syria’s largest cement producers, reported rising losses last year, partly because of theft and other security related problems.
Around 17 thousand real estate transactions were recorded in Damascus last year, according to a Government official.
Al-Badia Cement, the Syrian subsidiary of Italcementi, said that its factory had stopped production because of security concerns.
The Real Estate Bank, a state-owned institution, is expected to provide all the funding for the infrastructure works in a controversial real estate project in Damascus.
Starting November 24, a three-day trade fair focusing on reconstruction will be held in Damascus, although only local companies will be participating.
Syria’s state-owned cement plants have witnessed another decline in their production level in the first six months of this year.
UPDATED on September 23: Reports have emerged that ISIS has taken over a cement plant that represents the largest foreign investment in the country outside the oil sector.
The Damascus Governorate is establishing a holding company to redevelop two informal areas located on the outskirts of the Syrian capital that were largely supportive of the uprising.
Syria has extended a ban on the import of Portland cement for three more months.
Al-Badia Cement said that operations at its plant located outside Damascus have resumed after a suspension of several weeks.
A Syrian official has said that the Government was considering renting out the homes of absentee homeowners to internally displaced people, raising a wide debate among Syrians.
The Syrian Government owes billions of pounds to building contractors, according to the head of the contractors union.
The Syrian Government is pursuing its policy of price controls and has now set limits to the profit margins that can be generated in the cement supply chain.
The cost of construction for housing units in Damascus more than doubled last year, according to estimates from a state entity.
The government has announced that a gang forging property records worth billions of pounds in Aleppo has been arrested.


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