Real Estate & Construction

In 2015, the volume of cement produced by Syria’s public sector companies declined by around 20 percent on an annual basis, reflecting both lower demand in the market and production challenges.
The launch of a new phase in the development of the Mazzeh district is raising new fears in the Syrian capital that the regime is intent on imposing demographic change to Damascus, including by granting citizenship to Christian Palestinians living in the country.
The Syrian President issued last week a decree enacting a new urban planning and construction law.
The full text in Arabic of the law on Urban Planning and Construction issued on December 08, 2015.
Syrian homeowners seeking to rebuild their destroyed property will be exempted from the building license fee following a Law passed today, although many will not benefit from the measure.
The full text in Arabic of the law exempting homeowners from the building license fee issued on November 23, 2015.
A new law regulating rents in Syria will ensure an increase in income for the government and a ban on eviction for civil servants and soldiers.
The full text in Arabic of the law on Rents issued on November 11, 2015.
In the first nine months of the year, the volume of cement produced by Syria’s state-owned plants declined by a fifth on an annual basis.
The Syrian Government has allowed foreign engineering consultancies to bid for Government contracts.
The PYD, which manages the now semi-autonomous northeastern parts of Syria, has issued a law confiscating the properties of residents who left the region, a measure that will mainly impact Christians.
The municipality of Homs has approved the master plan for the reconstruction of the Baba Amro neighbourhood, a symbolic centre of Syria’s uprising until it was crushed by regime forces in 2012.
An influential Islamic scholar has issued a fatwa banning the sale of Syrian land to Iranian nationals.
Some 1.1 million informal housing units were built across Syria in the last four years, according to an industry analyst.
The Damascus Governorate has formally approved the establishment of the holding company that will manage its assets, transferring potentially billions to private sector companies.