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The volume of Portland cement produced and sold by Syrian state-owned enterprises in the first half of 2016 increased compared with the same period of last year, although they remain well below pre-uprising levels.
The Government is reportedly using an old agrarian reform law to dispossess investors living outside Syria from their land properties.
Lafarge, the French building materials global company, has been accused by a French newspaper of contributing to finance indirectly the Islamic State through its operations in Syria.
The Syrian Government is preparing the tender documents to attract investors to collect and recycle dozens of millions of tons of rubble that originate from the destruction that its army has created.
The city of Homs appears to betting on some form of support by Belarus to help it in its reconstruction drive.
Al-Badia Cement, a large cement manufacturing plant located near Damascus, has announced that it is resuming gradually its operations, weeks after its main factory was attacked by the Islamic State.
The Syrian Government has issued two new decrees pertaining to the registration of real estate property deeds.
The price of cement set by state-owned companies was increased last week, the second such hike in the space of three months.
The provinces of Lattakia and Tartous attracted most real estate transactions in Syria last year, according to official data, while Hassakeh witnessed a fourfold increase in the space of five years.
The sale of Portland cement by Syria’s state owned cement companies has continued to decline sharply in the beginning of this year.
A fire that devastated dozens of shops in the Old City of Damascus has raised suspicions of a regime implication.
Syria’s cement production from state-owned companies was stable in the first quarter of this year as the Government is seeking to launch a new plant under the recently-adopted Public Private Partnership law.
The size of Syria’s cement market is estimated to have declined by almost a third in 2015.
On Thursday 17 March, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad laid the foundation stone of a controversial real estate project in the Mazzeh district of Damascus.
In 2015, the volume of cement produced by Syria’s public sector companies declined by around 20 percent on an annual basis, reflecting both lower demand in the market and production challenges.


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