Syria has extended for the second time the closing date for a tender to build a 500 MW power plant in Al-Zara, near Homs.
The Syrian Minister of Electricity has said that 3,000 MW of power generation capacity is unused because of the damages inflicted on the country’s power grid.
The reported capture of the Tishreen hydroelectric dam by Syrian rebels is likely to strain further supplies of electricity across the country.
The Syrian Government has issued a tender for the construction of a 350 MW power plant in the coastal area.
The Turkish minister of energy said last week that the Syrian government is seeking again to purchase electricity from his country.
Syria has suspended imports of electricity from Turkey and Arab countries and switched instead to Iran, according to press reports.
The government has appointed a new director general for the two main power utilities in the country, PEEG and PEDEEE.
Syria’s state-owned power utility has extended the closing date of two tenders for the construction of a total of 1,000MW in new power generation capacity.
Syria is planning to issue tenders for some 1,500 MW of new generating capacity in the coming months, the Minister of Electricity said.
The Ministry of Electricity is raising the daily number of hours of power cuts across Syria as rising temperatures lead to an increase in demand for electricity.
The Ministry of Electricity has raised electricity prices for industrial and commercial concerns in a bid to reduce the government’s subsidies bill, leading to an outcry and threats of “protests.”
An Iranian company has won a contract to rehabilitate two hydroelectric plants located on the Euphrates River in the northeast of the country.
The Public Establishment for Electricity Generation has issued a tender for the extension of the Zara steam power plant.
Power cuts have declined in Damascus and across various parts of Syria in recent days as higher temperatures have decreased demand.
MAPNA, an Iranian engineering company, has won a contract to build a 470 MW CCP plant in Suweida, south of Syria, according to the Iranian news agency, IRNA.


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