The Syrian government announced last week that a Greek-Italian consortium had begun works on a new power plant in Deir Ali near Damascus, in what is likely the largest ongoing engineering project in the country, although how it plans to pay for it remains a mystery.
After years of suspension, power supplies to the city of Aleppo have been restored by the Syrian authorities.
Despite power cuts of several hours per day across the country, the Syrian Government is now exporting electricity to Lebanon to generate foreign currency revenues.
A new attack on the Mhardeh power plant north of Hama has put it out of service and highlighted the very fragile security situation in various parts of the country.
A Syrian state electricity utility has awarded a contract to a local company to build a 1MW photovoltaic plant, the first in the country.
The Syrian government is reportedly offering to export electricity to Lebanon despite significant supply shortages in the country.
A power turbine in the Mhardeh Power Plant began operations again today several months after an attack stopped all operations at the plant.
A Chinese company has made an offer to build a power station in Lattakia although the issue of financing remains unresolved.
The opposition’s main investment fund is multiplying the announcements of its recent achievements, a reflection of its need to show its continued relevance, after the shrinking of the territory under the control of rebel forces.
Syria’s main opposition development fund has announced the disbursement of new amounts to improve electricity distribution in southern Syria.
A Greek-Italian engineering consortium is just weeks away from completing a large power plant south of Damascus, almost seven years after it began works.
One of Syria’s public electricity utilities has issued a tender for the construction of two power substations in the Adra area.
In a bid to raise revenues and reduce subsidies, the Syrian government has increased again electricity prices, a year after a similar decision.
According to the Syrian government, the cost of paying at market price the fuel oil and natural gas needed to feed its power plants would stand at 575 billion pounds next year, the equivalent of a fifth of its budget.
The Syrian government is discussing with a Chinese engineering contractor the supply of new turbines to restart production at the Aleppo Thermal Plant.


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