The PEEGT has enlisted seven consulting firms to bid for the contract to evaluate the bids for the contract to design, construct and commission a new 750-MW combined cycle power plant in Deir Ali, south of Damascus, according to MEED.
The United Nations Development Programme has announced that it has put in place with the Syrian government a USD 1.48 billion plan that runs through 2011 to promote power production through environmentally friendly renewable energy sources.
Syria has produced 27 billion kw/h of electricity in 2002, according to the Minister of Electricity, Munib Saem al-Daher.
Syria's Public Establishment for Electricity Generation and Transmission (PEEGT) has awarded a USD35 million contract for the construction of six new high-voltage power substations to ABB India, the Indian affiliate of Asea Brown Boveri, one of the lar...
In order to cater for the increasing demand for electricity, the Syrian ministry of electricity is planning to authorise private investment on a BOT basis, said Al Sharq al Awsat.
The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) has extended to Syria two loans worth KWD14.5 million (USD48.3 million).
According to Tehran Times, an agreement on cooperation in the field of power generation has been signed between Syria and Iran.
Two new power transformer substations were inaugurated in Ibn Nafees and al Zahiriya areas (Damascus), said Teshreen.
Syria's limited oil reserves is pushing the country to switch from oil-powered electric stations to gas-fed, and to a lesser extent water-fed, electric stations.
The Syrian-Iranian joint energy commission held its first meeting in Tehran on Tuesday, January 29.
The joint commission was set up following the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on energy cooperation signed in June last year by Iran's energy minister and Syria's minister of electricity, reported the Iranian News Agency.
According to Hassan Younes, Egypt minister of electricity and energy, his country sold large volumes of electricity to Syria and Jordan.
Syria will resupply Lebanon with electricity after payment arrears from the latter had interrupted the flow of power at the beginning of the month.
Asea Brown Boveri Ltd , the Indian unit of Swiss-Swedish engineering group ABB, said on Wednesday it had received an order worth around 800 million rupees ($16.65 million) to supply three substations to Syria.
The Managing Director of Parsian Co., a state-owned Iranian company affiliated to the Ministry of Energy is currently installing eight electric substations in Syria.


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