The Public Establishment for Electricity Generation(PEEG) issued this month tenders for the design and construction of three renewable plants in Homs with a combined capacity of 165 MW, but is requiring bidding companies to provide the funding.
The first private sector photovoltaic solar power plant has started producing in the Industrial City of Hessia (ICH) and has been connected to the national electricity grid, a government official has said.
Syrian exports of electricity to Lebanon decreased significantly last year, according to Lebanese statistics.
A Russian company has offered the government to build a power plant on an IPP basis, the Syrian minister of electricity has said, but the prospects for this to materialise appear very small.
The power turbines of the Euphrates Dam have been reconnected to the Syrian national electricity grid.
A delegation from an Indian company visited Damascus this week with a view to restart construction works on a power plant.
After failing to get any financial support from Russia or Iran, Syria’s ministry of electricity has issued tenders to build and repair power turbines in Aleppo hoping that bidding companies accept cumbersome payment terms.
Syrian official media recently reported the delivery of hundreds of electric generators offered by the Chinese government to Damascus.
Syria’s power generation utility has issued a tender for the construction of a new power plant in Deir-ez-Zor although its requirement that bidders offer favourable payment terms reduces considerably potential interest in the project.
Iran and Syria signed last week an agreement to build a new power plant in Lattakia, although it is unlikely financing for the project has been secured.
Syrian engineers have managed to restore production at one of the turbines in the Tayem power plant, which feeds the city of Deir-ez-Zor.
Syria’s power generation utility is calling on foreign engineering companies to bid for the construction of two steam turbines in the Aleppo Power Plant, despite initially allocating the contract to Iranian companies.
A new attack on the Mhardeh power station last week stopped production at the plant and highlighted the unstable situation in the northwestern part of the country.
While Syria’s electricity production increased last year, it remained well below its pre-2011 levels.
Syria’s power generation utility wants to raise some USD 147 million to fund several renewable electricity generation projects.