Oil, Gas & Mining

The Syrian Government has retaken full control of the Mahr gas field in central Syria after fighting back ISIS.
The decline in oil revenues from ISIS, reported last week by a U.S. official, will have broader short-term consequences on the Syrian economy.
The exploration for oil in Syria's occupied Golan Height has taken another twist after the suspension of the license awarded to an Israeli company.
The capture last week by the Islamic State of several gas fields in the region of Palmyra is posing serious risks for the energy supplies of Damascus.
Syria’s production of oil and gas continued its decline in the first quarter of this year, according to the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.
Fighter jets from the U.S.-led coalition have targeted again the DEZGAS plant near Deir-ez-Zor, a local media has reported.
Afek Oil, an Israel oil company exploring for oil in the occupied Golan Heights said that it had received a one-year extension to its exploration permit.
ISIS revenues are on the decline, according to several international experts.
A bribery scandal involving a global oil company has revealed ties to Syrian businesses and executives.
The takeover of Palmyra by Syrian Government forces is likely to improve the latter's access to gas and phosphate resources.
Ayman Asfari, one of Syria’s wealthiest individuals, has reportedly bought a significant stake in a company with significant oil assets in Syria and which includes among its other shareholders one of the regime's most powerful business tycoons.
The Minister of Petroleum inaugurated last week the beginning of production at a new gas well near the town of Sadad, south of Homs.
Syria has reportedly signed a preliminary agreement with Russian and Lebanese traders to use the spare capacity at its two crude oil refineries in Homs and Banias.
Iran’s delivery of crude oil to Syria has helped stabilise the supply of oil products to the market, whiles strikes by the U.S.-led coalition have increased the losses of the country’s oil industry, the Minister of Petroleum has said.
For the second time in the space of a month, the Syrian Government has reduced the price of fuel oil.


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