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A new government report has cast doubts on the actual level of oil production in Syria.
Syria has begun production at a new gas well at the Sadad field, in the central part of the country, around the city of Homs.
The occupied Golan Heights may not hold meaningful oil reserves, data from ongoing exploratory works indicate.
Last week, Syrian regime forces battled ISIS around two major oil and gas fields in the centre of the country, while at the UN, the government has asked the U.S.-led coalition to stop bombing oil fields controlled by the Islamic State.
The Ministry of Petroleum has announced the beginning of production at a new gas well, the fifth in the space of six months.
The Ministry of Petroleum has restored production at a gas well increasing again slightly gas output and supplies.
The Ministry of Petroleum has announced the inauguration of a new gas well as it keeps investing in the oil and gas fields under its control in order to reduce the shortages of energy supplies in the market.
The Syrian portion of the Arab Gas Pipeline was attacked again earlier this month but has since been repaired.
Al-Mashreq, the investment arm of Rami Makhlouf, Syria’s most prominent business tycoon, has taken to court Gulfsands Petroleum over claims that its share in the UK-based oil company has been diluted.
Syria’s oil minister has provided new estimates for Syria’s annual oil import bill and the industry’s total losses since the beginning of the uprising.
Russia’s energy minister has confirmed that his country was looking at opportunities to develop Syria’s oil and gas assets only days after an Iranian official expressed the same interest.
The Syrian Government has retaken full control of the Mahr gas field in central Syria after fighting back ISIS.
The decline in oil revenues from ISIS, reported last week by a U.S. official, will have broader short-term consequences on the Syrian economy.
The exploration for oil in Syria's occupied Golan Height has taken another twist after the suspension of the license awarded to an Israeli company.
The capture last week by the Islamic State of several gas fields in the region of Palmyra is posing serious risks for the energy supplies of Damascus.


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