Oil, Gas & Mining

The government has doubled the price of fuel oil and increased the price of petrol by 80 percent, a move that will significantly increase prices across the Syrian economy, and reduce both the competitiveness of Syrian manufacturers and the purchasing power of the population.
The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Economy boosted the price of unsubsidised petrol by nearly half last week, possibly paving the way for further price increases after the minister suggested subsidies should be eliminated altogether.
A blast damaged a pipeline transporting gas to the Jabsseh gas plant, highlighting the continuous impact of the Islamic State on Syria’s economic activity.
The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has announced a new increase in gas production across several wells and facilities in the country.
An American company has signed a contract with the Syrian Democratic Forces to develop oil production and marketing in northeastern Syria and has received a sanctions waiver from the U.S. administration.
Syria’s production of salt at its main mine in Deir-ez-Zor will surge within a year, according to government estimates.
After a suspension in April, Iranian oil exports to Syria resumed in May, according to preliminary estimates.
A new gas well has started production in the Qara field in the Qalamoun area.
The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has removed subsidies on petrol sold to certain types of vehicles, a measure that will affect around nine percent of the market.
The government is set to award Iran a contract to explore for oil and gas on the Iraqi border to repay its debts to Tehran.
In an article published last week we attributed attacks on Syrian gas fields in the centre of the country to the Islamic State.
Updated on April 22, 2020: The original version of this article attributed attacks on Syrian gas fields to the Islamic State. We have since received contradictory information and have removed any reference to the identity of the perpetrators of these attack and edited the text accordingly.
Iranian supplies of crude oil to Syria seem to have accelerated in recent weeks, according to various sources.
The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection increased the price of petrol (gasoline) on February 29, the second time in a year.
Syria’s oil and gas infrastructure has been attacked twice this week after several similar incidents in recent months which may indicate that the country’s energy infrastructure is being systematically targeted.


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