Oil, Gas & Mining

A new gas well has started production in the Qara field in the Qalamoun area.
The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has removed subsidies on petrol sold to certain types of vehicles, a measure that will affect around nine percent of the market.
The government is set to award Iran a contract to explore for oil and gas on the Iraqi border to repay its debts to Tehran.
In an article published last week we attributed attacks on Syrian gas fields in the centre of the country to the Islamic State.
Updated on April 22, 2020: The original version of this article attributed attacks on Syrian gas fields to the Islamic State. We have since received contradictory information and have removed any reference to the identity of the perpetrators of these attack and edited the text accordingly.
Iranian supplies of crude oil to Syria seem to have accelerated in recent weeks, according to various sources.
The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection increased the price of petrol (gasoline) on February 29, the second time in a year.
Syria’s oil and gas infrastructure has been attacked twice this week after several similar incidents in recent months which may indicate that the country’s energy infrastructure is being systematically targeted.
Two little-known Russian companies that recently signed contracts to explore Syria’s oil fields are affiliated with a powerful Russian oligarch close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a Russian outlet.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has reportedly issued laws ratifying three contracts granting the Katerji brothers a strategic role in Syria’s oil distribution sector.
Al-Furat Petroleum Company, once Syria’s largest oil company, has announced the rehabilitation of new wells west of the Euphrates River.
The Syrian parliament ratified on December 16 three oil contracts signed between the government and two Russian oil companies.
Two gas wells located in Sharifa, east of Homs, have started production, adding one million cubic metres of gas per day—an increase which should help reduce power cuts this winter.
The Syrian President has sent parliament a draft law to ratify three contracts awarded to the Katerji brothers to build two oil refineries and develop the Banias oil terminal.
A Syrian state entity has announced that it will begin bartering phosphates for equipment and repair services as it finds itself incapable of paying foreign suppliers.


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