The government is subsidizing loans granted by Syrian banks to manufacturers in a bid to promote local production and reduce imports.
An unnamed Russian Company has offered this month to invest in Syria’s sole state-owned battery production plant.
Official data provide a mixed picture of the state of Syria’s industrial cities and zones.
The Syrian Cabinet has increased import tariffs on copper and aluminum cables to 30 percent, various local media have reported.
Official data indicate a small increase in the number of new manufacturing investments in the country, although prospects for next years appear more pessimistic.
The Syrian textile industry, traditionally the largest manufacturing sector in the country and a major employer, has not recovered from the war and continues to struggle as it faces a variety of challenges.
Stroytransgaz is formally taking charge of Syria’s fertilizers production complex in Homs.
The government has decided to stop issuing new licenses for the establishment of iron and steel plants.
Three new licenses for car assembly plants have been given to Syrian investors in the past few months, raising the potential number of these plants, including several that have been operating for years, to eight. Here is a breakdown of these projects.
One of Syria’s two Iranian-owned car assembly plants has announced that it was resuming its operations.
Syria’s steel industry is struggling to increase production as demand remains low and limited construction works take place in the country.
Official data confirm the poor state of state-owned industries and, beyond, of various business sectors in the country.
A Russian company has taken control of Syria’s only fertilizer plant under a long-term deal that sees the entire fertilizers supply chain fall outside Syrian hands.
A Syrian Government entity has listed a number of projects it wants to offer to private investors under public private partnership deals, although it is unlikely to have much success.
Data from the Ministry of Industry indicate that investment in manufacturing, which is already very low, declined in the first half of 2018, contradicting official statements on an economic recovery.


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