A third of Syria’s pharmaceutical plants have stopped production, while the output of the remaining ones is only at a third of the pre-uprising level, according to an industry executive.
Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s largest drug manufacturers, and its local distributor, Unipharma, face allegations of corruption in their Syrian operations.
Syria’s Prime Minister Wael Halqi, has inaugurated the launch of the country’s latest healthcare management company.
The Minister of Health has said that following a recent agreement, Syria was buying from Iran a significant share of the generic medicines it imported.
In safe areas across the country, several new pharmaceutical plants are being established, including one by the brother of the Syrian first lady.
The first cases of polio in fourteen years in Syria have been detected, the World Health Organization said last week.
Two new pharmaceutical plants are being established in the province of Tartous as Syrian manufacturers are favouring relative safe areas of the country.
The Syrian government has granted dozens of licenses to open new pharmaceutical plants, according to the minister of health.
The Ministry of Health has allowed pharmaceutical companies to raise the price of their products by as much as 50 percent as production costs have surged.
The Syrian government is raising the price of medicines and facilitating import procedures in order to ease the shortages of pharmaceutical products.
Thameco, a government-owned pharmaceutical company, generated SYP 1.2 billion in revenues last year.
Syria’s health sector lost some SYP 7 billion from the uprising and ensuing violence gripping the country since March 2011, according to the Minister of Health.
UNICEF has said that it was scaling up its support for Syrian refugees and displaced persons although a lack of funds is hampering its rescue efforts.
The annual budget spent by the government on chronic diseases stands at SYP 5 billion according to an official at the Ministry of Health.
Thameco, the state-owned pharmaceutical company, posted sales of SYP 752 million in the first half of this year.


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