Iran has announced a suspension of its flights to Damascus as rumours spread in Syria about the appearance of the Coronavirus in the country.
The Ministry of Health said today that it has still not recorded any cases of patients affected with the coronavirus.
The absence of Samer Foz from the launch of his latest investment may indicate a change in his status as one of Syria’s most influential businessmen.
The Syrian government is considering establishing a company to handle health insurance in the public sector as it seeks ways to control its large health expenses bill.
The Ministry of Health has cancelled the licence of ten new pharmaceutical companies despite the fact that some of them were near completion and set to start production.
The Syrian Insurance Supervisory Commission (SISC) has released its annual report on the performance of healthcare benefits management companies last year.
The Government’s plans to spend on investment projects are falling short because of a continuous shortage of cash, the recent example of a serum production plant shows.
A pharmaceutical plant producing medicines for the treatment of cancer and owned by a prominent investor is set to start operating near Damascus in the next few weeks.
The Syrian government has imposed a sharp increase in the price of medicines, adding a significant burden on the population.
Following our report last week on the spread of H1N1 in Syria, more information is available.
An increasing number of H1N1 virus cases are being reported in Syria, although the number of deaths appears so far limited.
The Syria Recovery Trust Fund has approved a new project to supply medical equipment to hospitals located in northern, opposition-controlled Syria.
Two hospitals in the opposition-held parts of Syria are getting new financial support.
The Ministry of Health has increased by up to 50 percent the price of medicines produced in the country.
The Syrian government licensed several new pharmaceutical plants last year, a government official said.


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