The Damascus Securities Exchange attracted again investors last month on the back of the rapid advances of regime forces in the east of the country, after months of relative stagnation.
The Ministry of Local Administration seeks to encourage the payment of tax arrears at the local level as localities and cities are in “urgent need” of cash.
The Syrian government has raised significantly the minimum capital requirement for foreign exchange companies as the national currency depreciated to a tenth of its value relative to the dollar in the past six years.
The value of the Syrian pound relative to the dollar continued to rise in recent weeks although the trend is unlikely to last.
The Syrian Prime Minister has criticized his predecessor for spending 14 billion dollars of foreign currency reserves, while announcing the doubling of a tax dedicated to finance reconstruction.
The size of remittances sent by Syrians living in Germany more than tripled last year.
The value of trading in the Damascus Securities Exchange last month was mostly unchanged as was its main index.
The relative stable situation in vast parts of western Syria have enabled private commercial banks in the first half of this year to post a slight improvement in their main indicators.
Lebanon’s BLOM has said that it deconsolidated its Syrian operations in order to protect itself from international sanctions.
The main index of the Damascus stock exchange rose again slightly in July after several months of decline.
Updated on July 21, 2017: Syria’s private commercial banks, which saw last year their assets fall to a fraction of what they were in 2010 and now barely breakeven, are unable to finance any meaningful reconstruction drive.
Revenues from the customs department, which represents a rare source of stable government revenues, increased again in the first half of this year, according to an official.
The Central Bank of Syria has started circulating a new banknote, for the first time with the face of Bashar Al-Assad on it.
The return of calm in many parts of Syria does not seem to impress much investors in the Syrian stock market as the main index continued to decline last month.
Switzerland’s highest court has refused to hear an appeal from the Central Bank of Syria for lifting sanctions on it.


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