The Syrian bourse’s two indices, the DWX and DLX, took opposite directions last month as trading volumes increased.
Syria’s commission for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism has issued its 2018 annual report.
The Syrian Financial Intelligence Unit (SFIU), a body affiliated to the Central Bank of Syria, attended for the first time in years the annual plenary meeting of the Egmont Group.
Syrian private sector banks are expanding their branch network across the country.
The government has announced that it plans to issue treasury bills before the end of the year to fund its budget deficit.
The Syrian stock exchange’s main index shed almost four percent in the first six months of this year as it continues to fail at attracting meaningful interest.
The General Postal Establishment, also known as the Syrian Post, announced that it generated profits in 2018 for the first time in years.
Hazem Qarfoul, the governor of the Central Bank of Syria, has implicitly admitted that defending the value of the Syrian pound in the foreign exchange market was no more a priority.
The dollar has crossed the 600 level in the Syrian foreign currency market as the pound fell to its lowest level in three years.
Al-Badia Cement has received a preliminary approval to list its shares on the Damascus Securities Exchange.
A plan by the government to force again exporters to hand back their foreign currency revenues to the Central Bank is creating tensions between manufacturers and traders.
After months of continuous decline, the value of the Syrian pound in the local foreign exchange market stabilized in May, although it seems unlikely to regain ground.
Syria’s two main stock indexes declined in May for the second month in a row.
Cham Bank, a Syrian institution under sanctions by the U.S., has said that it sponsored one of the most prominent banking events in the Middle East region.
Three investment banks captured three quarters of the small Syrian brokerage market for stocks last year.


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