The Syrian President and his wife laid on July 2 the foundation stone of the Massar Discovery Centre, a children-dedicated educational and cultural centre.
Germany’s Development Bank, Kfw, has announced that it was providing a grant of EUR 6 million to fund the modernization of Syria’s school infrastructure.
Several international design firms have been appointed for the exterior and interior design schemes as well as the landscape and public park scheme of the Massar Discovery Centre.
The International Group for the Development of Education (IGDE) announced after-tax profits of SYP 15.3 million in 2007.
Only 14 percent of school-aged Iraqi children residing in Syria are currently enrolled in Syrian schools according to the United Nations Refugee Agency.
The Higher Education Council has approved the opening of new departments at Syrian state universities and faculties starting from 2006.
The Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) is opening four new faculties in state universities across Syria. The Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) is opening four new faculties in state universities across Syria.
A new university based in the eastern city of Deir-ez-Zor has been established following a Presidential decree in that sense.
The European Union (EU) has initiated with the Syrian government a Vocational Educational and Training (VET) program in order to increase the efficiency of the local labor market to meet the growing needs of the economy.
A National Human Development Report co-published by the Syrian State Planning Commission (SPC) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on July 20 noted a deterioration in general education standards in Syria with illiteracy rates rising fro...
Following the launch of Shern in June of this year, the Ministry of Higher Education inaugurated on July 12 the EU-funded National Tempus Office.
The launch of SHERN is part of the development of the Syrian higher education sector that is now also encompassing state universities.
Qualified manpower remains key for administrative reform to succeed. In that respect a number of initiatives have recently been launched, including the French-supported National Administration Institute.
The priority given to the education sector is reflected by the opening of the first private universities in Syria's history. However, very high tuition fees remain an obstacle.
A training institute is set up while academic cooperation agreements are signed with a number of foreign institutions.


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