The ministry of education has confirmed that the 2013-14 school year will begin on September 15.
A fifth of Syria’s schools have been damaged, jeopardizing the schooling of 2.5 million children, a recent report said.
The Syrian President has issued a decree establishing a faculty of medicine in the coastal city of Tartous.
The Syrian Government is establishing a new university faculty in the city of Suweida, one of fifteen new faculties established in the last two years.
Syria’s education sector has suffered losses worth SYP 59 billion, according to the Minister of Education.
Students sent abroad by the Syrian Government are still receiving financial support from the State, the Ministry of Higher Education said.
The Syrian government is establishing a new university faculty in the town of Salamieh, located in central Syria.
The European Union has announced that it was extending a scholarship programme for higher education students to all eligible Syrian students.
The Syrian President issued today a decree establishing two new university faculties among a dozen or so that has been created in rural areas of Syria in the last eighteen months.
Two new faculties have been established at the Aleppo and Baath Universities.
The University of Damascus is opening a new faculty in the southern governorate of Daraa dedicated to veterinary medicine.
The Ministry of Education has announced the dates for the high school end-of-year exams as students in many areas of the country continue to have difficulties to access their schools because of the unrest.
Only half of Syria’s high school graduates found their way to the country’s higher education system this year, according to the Ministry of Higher Education.
5.6 million Syrian children entered school on September 18, the first day of the academic year, according to the Ministry of Education.
Syria’s school year will begin on September 18, following a decision by the Ministry of Education that will affect more than 5.5 million pupils.


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