*By Mouaffaq Nyrabia   The completion of the withdrawal from Lebanon by the Syrian Army on April 26 has increased the speculations on the future of the Syrian regime. Analysts are now trying to guess the size and extent of the loss by the regime of its Lebanese card, both on the regional and domestic scenes.
*By Mouaffaq Nyrabia The ongoing discussions in the US Congress on a new “Syria Liberation Act” bill (Read Lebanon and Syria Liberation Act), the recent meeting in the US state department with Syrian-American opposition members as well as the recent events in Lebanon are some of the signs of growing dangers on Syria. Syrian official commentators have now started to talk of a shift in the US administration from “pressuring” their country to “targeting” it.
*By Mouaffaq Nyrabia Following George Bush’s visit to Brussels on the 22nd of this month, the European Union and the United States called for the complete and immediate application of UN resolution 1559 and for an international inquiry into the death of former Lebanese PM Rafic Hariri. 
By Mouaffaq Nyrabia*   Between the two elections in the occupied territories on January 9 and in Iraq on January 30, the Syrian authorities had a small lapse of time to face the mounting challenges they have to deal with in Lebanon.
Around two and a half year ago, Ghassan al-Rifai, the then Minister of Economy, said of economic reforms in the country that they were "facing unabated resistance in every place and at every time".
By Mouaffaq Nyrabia* Damascus appears to be in a new mood, in which discussions, previously known for being delimited by "red lines", are deemed acceptable. Otherwise, why would a Reuter's news report, addressing normal Syrian citizens who are expressing their support for their army's withdrawal from Lebanon, be published in Syria.
The launch of two major Public Share Offerings last September was expected to be an important step towards the modernization of Syrian capitalism.
By Mouaffaq Nyrabia* It took eight years of negotiations before a blueprint of the Syrian-European partnership agreement was finally signed on the 19th of last month in Brussels -an extremely long period by all accounts, but not so in the Syrian case. 
By Samir AITA* The Association Agreement between Syria and the European Union has finally been initialed. American pressures, through in particular the "Syria Accountability Act", were instrumental in pushing Syria's political decision-makers towards that outcome. 
By Mouaffaq Nyrabia* After meeting with Farouq al-Sharaa during the latest General Assembly of the United Nations, Colin Powell expressed his satisfaction at Syria's latest positions, and said that he "sensed a new attitude from the Syrians".
With the political scene still extremely cloudy, one has to turn to the economy to try to see any positive signs on the horizon.
By Samir AITA* Syria has definitely moved away from the economic environment it has been in for decades : International institutions are proposing to reform the Syrian Administration and the Judiciary, without facing opposition; tens of laws are promulgated by the Parliament and the President; major private companies are making public offerings, while minor state-owned companies are opened to private sector management; a large public debate on all these matters is taking place in both the official and opposition media.
Syria's human development level has remained relatively stable in the last three years, according to the annual Human Development Report (HDR) published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
By Mouaffaq Nyrabia* Iyad Alawi's official visit to Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon was seen as an important step in the evolution of the situation in Iraq, as it clearly reflected an acknowledgement of the transitional government legitimacy which, from a de-facto government is progressively becoming closer to a de-jure entity, even if it is not perceived as such by all the concerned countries.
By Mouaffaq Nyrabia* No one, whether in the opposition or in power, in the country or abroad, can deny that there is a problem today in Syria; that it is crucial for the country to proceed with reforms and yet, that until now, it has been incapable of implementing them on a genuine and significant scale. What is then the problem?


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