KfW, the German Development Bank, is providing EUR 50.2 million to finance the construction of a water sewage and network system in the Sayyida Zeinab district of Damascus.
Syria’s General Establishment for Drinking Water and Sewerage will be concluding before the end of the year a SYP 1.8 billion project to provide drinkable water to 130,000 people in the region of Hassakeh.
The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) will provide to Syria a loan of EUR 75.2 million to finance a water project in Damascus and its rural areas.
Syria and Turkey signed on Thursday in Ankara a memorandum of understanding to build a dam on the Orontes River.
The Syrian-Qatari Holding Company (SQHC) plans to invest around USD 100 million in the construction of two sewage treatment stations, according to Hassan Mukayed, its CEO.
Syrian, Turkish and Iraqi ministers met in Ankara on September 3 to discuss ways of increasing Turkish water supplies from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) has agreed to provide a grant to the Syrian Government for a water project.
Mirab, an Iranian engineering firm, has begun works on water sewage projects in the coastal region for a total contracts value of SYP 3 billion (USD 64 million).
Sabir, an Iranian contractor, has completed the digging of a 5km tunnel that is part of a wider project to irrigate the southern plains of the governorate of Aleppo with water from the Euphrates River.
Turkey, Iraq and Syria have agreed to set-up a joint water institute to cooperate on the sharing of their joint water resources, according to Turkish press reports.
The city of Damascus and its countryside are facing an annual water deficit of 40 million cubic metres, according to the Governor of Damascus Bishr al-Sabban.
The Malaysian Government has provided Syria with a concessionary loan to part finance the building of 23 sewage stations and 15 potable water stations in Damascus countryside.
The budget allocated to sewage projects is rising 600 percent in the current five year plan, according to Hamoud al-Hussein, the Minister of Housing and Construction.
Germany is providing a financial assistance of a total value of EUR 44 million to Syria.
Syria and Malaysia inked on Thursday an accord to build 20 stations to treat sewage water at a cost of USD 31 million in Damascus countryside.


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