In the first five months of 2018, Syria’s inflation rate was largely flat and in some months prices even declined, official data show.
A business event held in Yalta last month has highlighted a change of mood in the perception of Syria among Russian investors and the continued isolation of the government.
The size of remittances sent by Syrians living in Germany continues to increase.
The government’s passport department in Hassakeh has announced the issuance of thousands of new passports a year after it resumed operations.
In 2017, for the sixth year in a row, Syria’s gross domestic product declined, although at a slower pace than in previous years, while the government’s contribution fell significantly, official data show.
The Syrian President has issued a decree that doubles the compensations paid to parents of deceased members of the security services.
New decisions in the northern Aleppo countryside confirm that the region is being increasingly linked to Turkey.
The Central Bureau of Statistics has provided an estimate of the average monthly budget a Syrian household needs in order to live decently.
The annual Brussels conference on aid to Syria ended last week with a significant increase in amounts pledged by various countries.
The details of the Syrian budget, which we publish this week, shed some light on the government expenditure structure, but also on some misleading numbers.
One of Syria’s most prominent new business cronies has been arrested in Kuwait on charges of money laundering.
A new attempt by Rami Makhlouf to cancel EU sanctions against his companies has failed.
In this article The Syria Report addresses key issues raised in the debate over western sanctions on Syria and makes a number of policy recommendations.
The European Union has updated its Syria sanctions list with seven new members of the government.
A Syrian business group is planning to set-up a new freight company dedicated to exports to the UAE.


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