The Syrian Cabinet adopted on June 2 what it calls a national anti-corruption strategy.
The U.S. Treasury blacklisted yesterday 16 individuals and companies that are either Syrians or conduct a significant part of their business in Syria, including Samer Foz and several businesses associated to him.
Three NGOs have filed criminal complaints against a Belgian and two German chemical manufacturers for shipping banned chemicals to Syria in 2014.
A new very influential investor is expanding his activities across various business sectors in a similar fashion to other individuals who have benefitted from the Syrian war.
The UK has published regulations on sanctions on Syria that will come into force if the UK leaves the European Union.
China is planning to open a permanent trade centre in the Adra Industrial City near Damascus.
Across the country, there are increasing situations of strikes as Syrians protest their harshening economic conditions and continuing chaos.
The European Union has renewed for one year its set of sanctions on Syria and delisted several individuals and entities.
A government memo says that the agricultural and industrial sectors will be prioritized this year and next as part of an effort to kickstart the economy, but limited details on how this policy will be implemented have been disclosed.
The United States has renewed for one more year the sanctions it has been imposing on Syria from before the popular uprising.
Syria and Venezuela talked last week of boosting their economic relations during the visit to Damascus of Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza.
The Central Bureau of Statistics has provided new population and household expenditures data based on a large survey it conducted at the end of 2017.
The Emirati Embassy in Damascus will implement a food aid project in the Syrian capital during the first week of Ramadan.
Syria and Iran held on May 1st the sixth edition of a joint business forum as Tehran seeks to capitalize on its support to the regime to gain more benefits for its companies.
The Syrian Government has published its annual report on its spending on Palestinian refugees in the country.


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