Several security incidents affected Syrian financial companies located in government-held areas, highlighting the continued insecure environment for businesses.
The government is forcing importers to sell part of the products they import to state entities at cost price in bid to limit inflation on consumer goods.
Syria’s inflation rate remained mostly flat up to August last year, according to official data.
The Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce has established a new body called the Central Committee for Exports (CCE) to promote exports only weeks after the Syrian Exporters Federation was dissolved.
The Syrian government has amended the investment budget of its ministries, reducing them by around 32 percent.
The Syrian government has taken new decisions granting more benefits to the victims of the war from the army and security services and to their families.
The capture in Greece of a huge shipment of Captagon pills from Syria has highlighted the size of the drug trade in the country’s economy.
The Ministry of Administrative Development has announced that it was working on a bill to require public officials to declare their assets before their appointment.
A development fund associated with the opposition has approved the disbursement of more than EUR 10 million for four projects in the Aleppo and Raqqa governorates.
UN agencies operating in Syria have increased by some 20 percent the value of the contracts awarded last year to Syrian companies.
The value of Syrian-government funds blocked by the U.S. Government has slightly increased, an OFAC report says.
The Syrian Cabinet adopted on June 2 what it calls a national anti-corruption strategy.
The U.S. Treasury blacklisted yesterday 16 individuals and companies that are either Syrians or conduct a significant part of their business in Syria, including Samer Foz and several businesses associated to him.
Three NGOs have filed criminal complaints against a Belgian and two German chemical manufacturers for shipping banned chemicals to Syria in 2014.
A new very influential investor is expanding his activities across various business sectors in a similar fashion to other individuals who have benefitted from the Syrian war.


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