A new framework law for Syrian NGOs is in the making and will alter significantly the way they work, Asma Al-Assad, Syria’s First Lady said.
A new Presidential decree allows owners of “well-known and distinctive” trademarks in Syria submit a request to the Ministry of Economy and Trade to strike off and prevent others from registering or using an identical or similar mark even i...
Syria has joined the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement, according to the Directorate of Commercial and Industrial Property Protection at the Ministry of Economy and Trade.
Syria has deposited its instruments of accession to the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement concerning the international registration of industrial designs.
The Syrian Trademark Office has issued new regulations pertaining to powers of attorney.
Syria has joined the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement pertaining to the protection of international designs.
The Syrian Government issued recently the implementing regulations of Law N°8 on the protection of Trademarks, Geographical Indications, and Industrial Drawings and Designs.
An analysis of the latest trademark and intellectual property law in Syria by Kanaan Al-Ahmar.
This article focuses on the substantive rules in the Draft Company Law related to joint stock companies (JSC) such as its incorporation, transfer of shares, management, general meetings, etc.
Part 1 of this article highlighted the main provisions related to the establishment of joint stock and limited liability companies under the Draft Company Law.
Generally speaking, a holding company is a company that controls other companies through the ownership of the majority of shares in each of them.
As at today, companies in Syria, including joint stock companies, are regulated by Articles 55 to 337 of the "Commercial Law" issued in 1949 (Legislative Decree No. 149 of 1949).
According to Decree No. 195 of February 15, 1974 ("Decree 195"), and to other similar regulations in Syria, bidders responding to a tender issued by a Syrian public agency must submit a guarantee in relation to the offer they make (bid bond) ...
In a recent communiqué, the Minister of Justice designated the Civil Court of First Instance-Chamber No. 2 in each governorate in Syria to handle cases involving disputes arising in relation to Investment Law No. 10 of 1991 and its amendments.
Until it was recently replaced by the new "Income Tax Law" No. 24 of November 15, 2003 ("Tax Law") (Read The Syria Report, Issue N°13/December 2003), Syria's former income tax bill (Law N°85 of 1949) had been little reform...


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