The elections at the Damascus Chamber of Commerce saw little renewal in the Board of Directors except for the significant departure of its president Rateb Al-Shallah.
The Italian Trade Commission in Syria is organizing a 2-day seminar in Aleppo to support Syrian SMEs.
An economic and business delegation, headed by Abdallah Dardari, will visit the Czech Republic between the 19th and 22nd of November.  
A Korean trade delegation is visiting Syria on November 16th. The delegation will be comprised of ten companies operating in various sectors of activity.
A delegation of Syrian entrepreneurs is visiting the Netherlands for B2B encounters with Dutch businessmen.  
A Belgian trade delegation is visiting Damascus and Aleppo between October 13 and 17.
A Syrian business delegation is visiting Madrid between July 6th and July 9th to promote trade and investment between the two countries.
The latest list of companies registered by The Ministry of Economy.The latest list of companies registered by The Ministry of Economy. They include a holding firm by Nader Qal'i, a cosmetics trading firm by three Indian investors and an advertising company by Samer Duba.
Syria’s leading businessmen announced on May 8 the launch of the Syrian Business Council.
The Syrian Canadian Businessmen Association (SCBA), a non-profit entity, will be officially launched on April 18
The Minister of Industry has issued a decision setting up officially the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry (FSCI). A similar federation exists for the chambers of Commerce.
KOTRA, the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency, will open a trade office in Damascus in the coming few months, probably in the first quarter of 2007.
Fresh expectations that an estimated 300,000 Kurdish citizens are to have their Syrian citizenship restored to them were raised again in the last week of January after it emerged the Ba'ath Party Regional Leadership had invited over forty Kurdish figures to meet President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.
Six contracts were signed between Syrian and Turkish businessmen following a series of contact days through April in Damascus and the southern Turkish city of Ghaziantep for businesses in the food and textile sectors.
More than two hundred businesswomen from Syria, the Middle East, the US and Europe working in sectors such as energy, health, marketing and tourism, will converge at the Umayyad Conference Palace in Damascus from May 20-22 to discuss opening opportunit...