Updated on October 21, 2020: The article, originally published on October 14, has been updated to correct a technical glitch and provide updated election results.
The article we published last week under the title Chambers of Commerce Elections Mark Fading Influence of Businessmen Who Accompanied Bashar’s Rise had one technical glitch.
A Greek business delegation visited Damascus last week, a rare case of an EU business lobby coming to Syria.
A Russian business delegation visited Damascus late June looking for new trade and investment opportunities.
Some 33 trade exhibitions are planned this year in Syria, according to the state’s trade fairs regulatory body.
A Bulgarian business delegation visited Damascus last week, a rare case of an EU lobby group visiting the Syrian capital.
The United Arab Emirates organized on Sunday probably the most prominent event involving Syrian businessmen outside Syria since 2011.
A business event grouping dozens of Russian investors is set to be held in Damascus next month.
Syrian and Russian investors will meet in the next few weeks to discuss joint investment opportunities.
The Free Syria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an opposition business lobbying group, has elected its new board of directors.
The Ministry of Economy is preparing to relaunch bilateral business councils with several countries it considers “friendly,” including the Czech Republic, a member of the European Union.
The general assembly of the Raqqa Chamber of Commerce and Industry held last week its first meeting in four years, a move that has a political dimension as much as a business one.
Our article last week on the elections at the chambers of commerce included a factual error.
Updated January 16, 2015: The elections to the board of directors of the Damascus and Aleppo Chambers of Commerce at the end of last year witnessed a significant renewal of membership.
The election held last week at Syria’s chambers of industry saw the arrival of various new faces.


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