Food & Agriculture

A Russian company is starting works on a 600-ton flourmill near the town of TalKalakh.
Syria’s seed cotton crop last year remained well below its historic averages because of the ongoing war and the poor raining season.
The land area on which wheat and other cereals are grown this year in Syria is well below the target of the government, threatening a new disappointing crop.
Syria’s citrus fruits crop has increased by some 20 percent on an annual basis.
Syria has signed a contract to import 50,000 tons of flour through an Iranian company in order to meet local demand.
Sales of the General Organization of Tobacco, a state monopoly that usually generates significant revenues for the Treasury, reached SYP 25 billion in the first nine months of the year, as the company seeks to produce cigarettes under license from a Russian group.
Syria’s state-owned water bottling company, which owns a large share of the market, posted its numbers for the first three quarters of the year.
Syria has contracted a Dutch company for the import of cows, an indication of how low Syria’s livestock levels have fallen.
Wheat imports to Syria in the first eight months of this year have been robust, data from a Government official show.
Syria’s olive oil production is expected to drop by almost half this year because of the poor climatic and security conditions.
Syria’s seed cotton crop is expected to be at only a quarter of its planned output.
The volumes of wheat purchased by the Syrian Government from its farmers is well below last year’s already historically low level.
The daily consumption of flour in Government areas has declined by some 40 percent compared to its level prior to the uprising, according to a Government official.
The government has extended an exemption of all import fees and duties on a list of food items imported by state entities until the end of this year.
Syria’s olive production, a major bread earner in various parts of the country, will be declining this year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.


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