Food & Agriculture

Iran is planning to finance the construction of a sugar refinery production line, according to the head of the state sugar production body.
Moscow is providing finance for a 3-year deal to import large quantities of wheat from Russian farmers, a Syrian government official has said.
Syria is seeing the opening of its first private sector brewery, a relatively small, but symbolic, investment.
As local production of fertilizers resumes, the government has increased again the price of fertilizers sold to its farmers, which will make farming less competitive and discourage further agricultural production.
Samer Foz is reportedly building a large sugar refinery near Homs, further expanding the scope of his activities.
The volume of wheat purchased by the Syrian government from its farmers will fall sharply again this year, an official has said.
Syria’s wheat and barley production increased this year while the improvement in security has helped reduce price inflation on many agricultural products, a report by the FAO has found.
To save time and money, the Syrian government has announced new payment terms for wheat imports.
Syria’s wheat harvest this year will reportedly fall far short of government forecasts, endangering supplies of bread to the population and economic activity in rural areas.
A government official has said that 225,000 tons of Russian wheat had been supplied under commercial terms since February.
A Russian trading house has said that it will supply 1.2 million tons of wheat to Syria on a commercial basis starting September.
Russia is considering supplying several hundred thousand tons of wheat as humanitarian aid to Syria, its Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said last week.
The Syrian government is planning to buy only a small portion of its local wheat production, statements from officials indicate.
The Syrian government has increased the price it is paying farmers for their wheat to ensure it can procure as much of the local crop as possible but the opposition is countering with an even higher offer.
The Syrian government is increasing its control over the local wheat market in a bid to procure as much wheat as possible from the local crop.


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