Food & Agriculture

Syria plans to continue to buy large volumes of wheat from global markets this year, a government official has said.
The Syrian government has increased the price of certain types of bakery products, although the price of subsidized bread has remained unchanged.
Syria has issued a tender to import flour to meet local shortages.
The Syrian government has issued a new international tender to import wheat, the fifth this year.
Syria has signed a contract to buy new volumes of wheat from Russia at prices that remain well above world market levels.
A joint report by the FAO and the World Food Program has highlighted the dramatic situation of the Syrian agricultural sector, including the worst wheat harvest in three decades, although the return of security has ensured a relative stabilization in some sub-sectors.
Syria has issued a new international tender to import wheat, the fourth since the beginning of the year.
Syria’s tobacco crop, a key sector in some parts of the country, is likely to post one of its best performances since the beginning of the uprising in 2011.
Syria has signed a deal for the import of 200,000 tons of soft milling wheat.
The Syrian cereals buying entity has issued a new tender for wheat imports as it seeks to compensate for the significant production shortage.
The volume of wheat procured from local farmers this year by the state’s grains purchasing entity declined by a third and was at its lowest level in decades.
Syria has concluded a wheat import contract, the first in months, Reuters has reported.
A Syrian official said that his government plans to import 1.5 million tons of wheat this year, but the actual situation of the market is unclear.
Syria has issued a tender to buy new volumes of wheat from Black Sea countries.
Syria has signed an agreement to buy thousands of agricultural tractors from Iran.


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