Food & Agriculture

A new flourmill has been inaugurated in the Euphrates Shield Area, raising the number of mills there to three.
An Iranian company is set to commission a new flourmill near Suweida as part of a contract funded by a credit line granted by Tehran.
While Syria’s tobacco crop this season has been the best in years, two of the country’s other historically strategic crops fare much worse, including one that is on the verge of extinction.
In the past few weeks agricultural lands have caught fire simultaneously in various parts of Syria.
A Lebanese company owned by Samer Foz has been one of the main beneficiaries of the Syrian government’s wheat import contracts in past years and at prices well above market rates.
A Russian company is negotiating with the Syrian government to rehabilitate two grain silos in the ports of Lattakia and Tartous, potentially enabling a strengthening of Russia’s hold on Syria’s wheat supply chain.
Syria’s wheat harvest this year is expected to be well above previous years as the government and the northeast administration are competing to buy the Hassakeh crop from farmers.
An increase in planted areas combined with good rainfalls should help improve this year’s wheat and barley crops, a government official has said.
Syria’s main state entities operating in the cereals sector are set to merge into a single institution that will be headquartered in Hassakeh.
Syria’s cotton harvest has remained stable last year, although it was still only at around a tenth of the average volume in the decade preceding the uprising.
The cancellation of a management contract between a state entity and a private sector company only weeks after it was signed could be part of government pressures on the province of Suweida.
Syria has concluded a new wheat import contract increasing its stocks before the harvest season.
Syria has reportedly signed a contract to import new volumes of wheat from a Black Sea country.
Syria’s production of olive oil, a key product in large parts of the country, declined by some 20 percent last year, according to a government official.
Samer Foz has announced the set-up of a new project in the coastal area.


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