Frequently Asked Questions About The Syria Report

What does the Syria Report offer?
The Syria Report is an online business news service dedicated to decision-makers. It provides weekly updates on the following:

  • Economic and business news on Syria
  • A database of the largest Syrian companies including information on products, shareholders, board of directors, financial statements, contact details of executives, etc.
  • Tenders
  • Business events
  • List of companies licensed every week by the Ministry Economy
  • 10-year archives
The Syria Report also publishes various factsheets, reports and research documents on key sectors of the Syrian economy or on key issues impacting it.
When was The Syria Report founded?
The Syria Report was launched in October 2001 from Paris, France.
Why is it based in France?
Because this is where the founders of the publication reside.
Who is behind The Syria Report?
The Syria Report is owned by a French/Lebanese citizen of Syrian descent, Jihad Yazigi. The publication is wholly independent and has no links to any religious, social or political organisations.
How can we read The Syria Report?
The Syria Report is accessible only to subscribers. Access is possible through an ID and password that readers enter each time they want to access the publication. IP access is available for large institutions based outside Syria.
How much does it cost to read The Syria Report?
We charge an annual fee of 1,350 euros. Large corporations and institutions can receive offers for multiple subscriptions.
Who reads The Syria Report?
The Syria Report is read by hundreds of companies and institutions based in Syria and abroad. They include banks, international institutions, global corporations, academic institutions, etc.
How can we pay for subscription?
You can pay by either wire transfer or credit card.
Is it safe to pay by credit card?
Yes, it is entirely safe. Our online payment service is managed by Stripe, a global provider of secure online payment services.
Where do you get your information from?
We collect our information from the large network of contacts built by the team of The Syria Report, from official sources and statistics, from interviews with key individuals and decision-makers.
If you have any questions, please contact our customers service team at