The attacks on Syria’s railway network in the last few months cost the Syrian Railways Organisation, the country’s rail transporter, an estimated SYP 1.7 billion, George Muqaabari, the head of the company, said.
Starting February 16 Syrianair will operate four weekly flights to Iraq on the back of the growing economic ties and religious tourism between the two countries, according to Ghaidaa AbdulLatif, its General Manager.
Syria’s Ministry of Transport said that total activity at its two ports of Lattakia and Tartous declined last year, although by relatively limited proportions.
Al-Ahliah Transport, one of the largest passenger transport companies in the country, announced a 30 percent decline in revenues last year on the back of the unrest resulting from the popular uprising that began in March.
The Damascus Governorate has raised taxi fares following the increase in gasoline prices decided at the end of the year.
Containers traffic at the Port of Lattakia declined 10 percent last year compared to 2011 according to the Lattakia International Container Terminal Company.
Syrianair has announced a resumption of the Aleppo-Beirut route after a suspension of nine years.
Syria has been added to a risk watch list issued by the London marine insurance market association.
Container traffic at the port of Lattakia fell at a year-on-year rate of 10.13 percent at the end of October, although the rate of decline rises to 20 percent for the last five months.
The Syrian Railways Organisation is expecting to finish next year works on a rail track between the cities of Deir-ez-Zor and Al-Bou Kamal that will link the Iraqi and Syrian networks.
On September 28 Syrianair signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of three medium range Russian-made Tupolev aircrafts that are designed to meet the latest international safety and environment standards.
Traffic at the Lattakia Port declined 13 percent since the beginning of the unrest in Syria and 36 percent in the month of June alone according to statistics published by the company managing the containers terminal.
In the first half of 2011, 150,598 vehicles were registered at the Vehicles Directorate of the Ministry of Transport, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency.
The Syrian government is seeking a consultancy to prepare the contracting documents for the building of a new passenger terminal at Damascus International Airport.
The Syrian Civil Aviation Authority is seeking bids for a baggage handling system in Damascus International Airport.


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