In a bid to raise revenues and reduce subsidies, the Syrian government has increased again electricity prices, a year after a similar decision.
According to the Syrian government, the cost of paying at market price the fuel oil and natural gas needed to feed its power plants would stand at 575 billion pounds next year, the equivalent of a fifth of its budget.
The Syrian government is discussing with a Chinese engineering contractor the supply of new turbines to restart production at the Aleppo Thermal Plant.
The Syrian Government has awarded a EUR 13 million electricity contract to a Chinese consortium, a rare instance of an investment project taking place in the country.
The head of a state power utility has provided an update on the current situation of the electricity sector.
The large Zara power plant is out of service after it was bombed earlier today.
Iranian companies have delivered the latest batch of electric equipment to Syria under a deal that amounts to some EUR 80 million.
Syria’s electricity production fell 12 percent in 2015, the fourth year in a row it declines.
A South Korean company has won a contract for the supply of electric equipment to the Syrian Government despite awkward political ties.
Syria’s electricity sector will require investments of EUR 7 billion in the next five years to recover, according to the Minister of Electricity.
India’s BHEL has resumed works on a Syrian power plant, three years after the suspension of its activities in the country.
On Saturday, Syria more than doubled the price of electricity sold to households and businesses as the Government continues its drive to generate new resources.
Iranian and Chinese companies are delivering electricity equipment to Syria following contracts signed in the last couple of years.
Syria’s ministry of electricity has provided a breakdown of its turbines that are at a standstill because of the lack of fuel to feed them.
Syria’s power generation utility can procure only a third of the fuel need to feed its power plant from local sources, a spokesperson said.


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