The state-owned General Organization of Tobacco (GOT) has opened a new industrial tobacco compound in the Hosh Blass area in the suburbs of Damascus.
Syria and Iran have signed a memorandum of understanding to build a new industrial city dedicated to Iranian investments in the city of Hessia 47 km south of Homs.
The Government has decided to put an end to its offer to lease to the private sector the management of five cement companies and the Hama steel company.
A number of Syrian expatriates are investing in a USD 10 million hot-rolled steel bars manufacturing plant in Homs.
Two new cement manufacturing projects by the private sector have been licensed to operate in Syria. Their combined capital is SYP 24 billion (USD 480 million).
The General Organisation of Textile Industries, the body supervising the state-owned textile sector, announced a drop of around 4 percent in the price of the cotton yarns it sells to local textile manufacturers.
Syrian exports of textile products to the European Union fell sharply in 2005.
The Attar Group has opened a USD 2 million plant to produce electricity counters.
Al Rajhi, the Saudi conglomerate, has received a license from the Investment Higher Council to set up a cement manufacturing plant.
The Dubai Aluminium Company (DUBAL) has announced that it expects to export 30 000 tonnes of aluminium to Syria in 2006.
Syria has increased its cotton ginning capacity after the inauguration of a new ginning plant in Deir-ez-Zor with an annual capacity of 100 000 tonnes.
Afia, one of Syria’s largest food firms, owned by the sons of former vice-President Abdel Halim Khaddam has been seized by the authorities for “corruption reasons” according to the state-owned daily al-Thawra.
The Syrian cement sector continues to attract strong interest from private investors. In the last few months, tens of investors were reported by the local press to have requested a license to build new cement plants.
Kamaz Inc., Russia’s largest truck manufacturer is planning to set-up an assembly plant in Syria.
The General Organisation of Chemical Industries (GECI) has announced that its 2005 turnover reached SYP 8.7 billion (USD 167 million).


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