An important project to divert water from the Euphrates River and to supply water to rural areas was inaugurated this month.
More than ten years following the beginning of the works, Syrian Prime Minister, Naji al-Otri inaugurated on April 22, the Teshreen Dam built on the Euphrates River close to the city of Manbej (Aleppo Governorate).
On 9 February, King Abdullah II of Jordan and Syrian President al-Assad laid the foundation stone for the long-delayed Al-Wahda (or Unity) Dam project on the Yarmouk River.
The importance for Syria to develop its economic and business ties with Turkey has grown following the temporary closure of the Iraqi market for Syrian businessmen.
Jordan and Syria have officially signed the contract to build Al-Wehdeh dam on the Yarmouk river, with Turkey's Ankara-based Ozaltin Construction Company (OCC).
Japan has provided Syria with a USD2.8 million grant for the completion of the second phase of the project for the rehabilitation of Damascus' water distribution network.
Using treated waste water could help resolve Damascus' acute shortage of water by making available another 2.3 billion gallons of water a year, according to Hani Tarazi, a scientist with Sharjah-based waste water treatment expert Metito (Overseas) Ltd.
For the fourth year in a row, Syria will be supplying Jordan with water to help it alleviate its chronic shortages.
The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) has extended to Syria two loans worth KWD14.5 million (USD48.3 million).
According to Nasser al-Hazem, Jordan's minister of water and irrigation, the joint dam with Syria, al-Wahda, will be built starting from early next year.
Syria and Turkey will be discussing cooperation in the irrigation sector during the visit to Damascus of Turkish minister of state, Mustapha Yilmaz.
Syria's fourth largest dam collapsed on Tuesday 5 June, killing over 22 people, leaving 4,000 homeless and flooding all nearby villages.
Syria is planning to build a water institute with the cooperation of Germany, reported al-Baath.
Al Bassel dam was inaugurated yesterday by Syria's PM, Mustapha Miro.
Lebanon and Syria have signed an agreement to divide the waters of Nahr al Kabir, the river lying on the northern borders between the two countries.


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