An opposition development fund financed by western countries has announced that it was supporting, for the first time, projects in northeast Syria.
Updated on July 26, 2018 (see bottom of article): Two cargo ships transporting wheat from Crimea to Syria have been delisted from registries, while a Makhlouf-related businessman has been removed from the EU sanctions list.
The expected reopening of the Nassib border crossing between Jordan and Syria is being used as a leverage by the Syrian regime for political gains.
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The Syrian regime’s control of the Nassib border crossing with Jordan is going to have significant economic and trade consequences.
Nader Qalei, one of Syria’s most influential businessmen, is charged with violating economic sanctions imposed by Canada, the country where he resides, a Canadian outlet has reported.
The Syrian government is trying to lure back Syrian investors based in Egypt, a year after a similar attempt largely failed.
The number of residents in Syria stands at around 19.2 million, according to recent estimates.
Iran exports to Syria, including radars, continued to increase last year, positioning it as the country’s third largest supplier.
According to a local media, a Spanish company is considering supplying a photovoltaic power station in Syria, a very rare example of western interest in the Syrian economy.
Three new Syrian nationals have been indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice for violating sanctions.
Rami Makhlouf has failed in an appeal to lift EU sanctions imposed on him in 2011.
Reports on an oil deal between the regime and the PYD have highlighted the continuing prominence of a new Syrian business figure.
Syria’s revenues from taxes doubled in the past two years, a government official said, although they still stand at only a fraction of their pre-uprising level.
A decree granting citizenship to dozens of foreigners, including prominent Syrian investors, has created an uproar in Lebanon.


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